Methanex Maths Spectacular changes

Monday 21st August: Please drop exhibits off as early as possible after 12 noon at the La Mer Lounge, Pukekura Raceway.

Tuesday 22nd August: Exhibits will be judged, NOT open to the public.

Wednesday 23rd August: Year 7 to Year 10 Quiz competitions as follows:

4pm: Year 7

5pm: Year 8

7pm: Year 9

8pm: Year 10

School visit bookings

If you wish to bring your students for a visit to the Methanex Maths Spectacular please email to have your booking added to the list.

To check the current bookings click on the “general infomation” tab and scroll to the bottom of the page

Project Labels

Remember to print off the labels on appropriate coloured paper:

Year 7= Red, Year 8 = Yellow, Year 9 = Green, Year 10 = Blue

Labels can be found here

Artwork will need to have Velcro hooks attached to the back so it can be displayed.

Maths Trail for visiting students

This year there is a difference to the Maths Trail at the Methanex Maths Spectacular.

Attached is the Maths Trail for use at the Maths Spectacular.  Copies will not be provided at the venue so if you wish your students to participate please ensure you distribute copies to them prior to attending the exhibit.

Maths Trail 2013

Correctly completed entries will go in the draw to win one of four $20 book vouchers – one for each Year level.

Entries need to be placed in the box marked “Maths Trail Entries” near the entrance / exit.

Good luck to all the students!